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21.07.2018 13:53:13
убрала света и стало не красиво
21.07.2018 13:48:12
вот вариант
да да, что то такое.... сделала серию снимков для конкурса "маленький друг", удачную, с моей точки зрения, выставила в тот конкурс, а эту почему то ру...
Эх, дорога...
21.07.2018 13:23:43
21.07.2018 12:33:13
Завален горизонт.
21.07.2018 12:23:09
Ошибка экспозиции) Снято днем)
Спасибо! Это наша звезда!)))
Снимок сделан на длинном фокусе, "на вскидку". Промахнулся и с фокусом, и с кадрированием...
Посмотри примеры работ минимализм в натюрморте
Поскольку модерации  работ нет , а об условиях конкурса авторы вспоминают всё меньше и реже, то можно не объявлять тему конкурса, а просто оглаша...
Значит будем голосовать только за пейзажи. http://www.photokonkursy.ru/photokonkursy/minimalizm_iyun_18/photokonkurs_na_zakate_1468001/И звездить 50% ...
Для минимализма пространство, окружающее объект, должно подчеркивать и выделять его, объект должен быть намного меньше пространства или же  в кад...
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21.07.2018 11:05:00

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Tadacip drugs treats impotence successfully


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Tadacip drugs treats impotence successfully

Impotence may be extremely hard for men to rise to, however fortunately there are drug accessible today which assist a man reinforce a wholesome erection. One such medication is called Tadacip 20, titled so because it comes in twenty mg dosages. This is a generic counterpart of the popular drug Cialis and it’s a more affordable alternative for many persons, especially if their prescribing draft doesn’t cover ED medications. It’s typically admonish to be safe and efficient by those who try it. When you are contemplating enjoyment any drug for sexual debility your first step should be to visit your doctor to determine if you have any health problems which are affecting your sexuality also to be sure you’re healthy sufficient for sex. It is likewise useful to note a few main things about whereby ED drugs work so you can designate if they are right for you. Personal for You - generic cialis vs viagra.

A person is able to reinforce an erection if he has a heavy traffic of BLO to the penis, that in turn permits it to become turgid and able to sustain sexual reaction. Most problems with impotence are guilty of problems with flowing, for instance, people who are tobacco addicts may fix their blood vessels tighten also sprawl because of the damage done by the cigarette smoke. Diabetics with needy flowing also usually struggle with impotence. During sexual arousal nitrogen monoxide is released into the system that in turn promotes certain enzymes; these ferments then improve chemicals that kindly relax the blood vessels and permit the penis to become engorged with BLO and which then causes a stiffy. Special enzymes stop this process and a drug like Cialis will inhibit the production of those enzymes therefore a stiffy is more likely to happen. Tadacip twenty, just like Cialis, also works by relaxation the blood vessels in the penis so that a person may have increased BLO traffic after venereal excitement, which also allows him to sustain a stiffy.

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